Hot Sauce Kit by Leeners

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There is a special kind of food enthusiast for whom cooking and eating is simply not enough, they want to taste the effort. It is an admiral desire that all of us have at some time or another, but for the people who wish to truly submerse themselves in the art of food and become their own purveyors, Leeners has created a line of products that help you create countless do it yourself experiences in the kitchen. This particular kit walks you through the process of making your own hot sauce. Although hot sauce may seem like a simple ingredient, but in reality the opportunities for depth of flavor are truly limitless. The best hot sauces are the ones with layers, a flavor that first meets your palate, is burned off by heat, and then replaced with an interesting finish. Leeners offers several recipes, some made with sweet fruit and sugars, others that focus on other spice groups like southwestern combinations and jerk flavors.

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