Yuzu Marugoto Shibori

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Yuzu Marugoto Shibori is one hundred percent Yuzu juice. Use this juice in salad dressings, marinades and vegetable dishes. It also works well in desserts, as well as in some of your favorite citrus flavored drinks.

The yuzu fruit is an asian citrus fruit, with an interesting combination of flavors and aromas. Yuzu can be described as a combination of lemon, orange and tangerine.

Yuzu juice is a great staple in any kitchen or bar. It makes a wonderfully tangy addition to a salad dressing or marinate. The flavor compliments meats, vegetables and fish, and its light fruity flavor also makes it perfectly acceptable for use in sweet dishes.

Yuzu juice is used in the traditional recipe for Ponzu sauce and is at its best when allowed to play with other Asian flavors and preparations. A bit of citrusy Yuzu sauce complete a platter of sashimi or sushi.

If you want to take your Yuzu juice behind the bar, experiment, and let it stand in for your usual citrus juices for an Asian twist on your old favorites. Whenever you’re using Yuzu juice, it’s most important to remember that it’s a powe

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