Wonton Wrappers

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Wonton wrappers are a versatile vehicle, meant for but not limited to Asian flavors. Once you’re decided on your dumplings, you can boil them like wontons, fry them like egg rolls, or sauté them like pot stickers.

Wonton wrappers are thin flour based skins that Asian cooking uses as a vessel for countless different flavor combinations. The small squares of dough can be filled and the boiled, steams, sautéed or fried, and their flavor is mild enough to work well with sweet and savory fillings.

When you are working with wonton wrappers, keep a damp paper towel over the skins you are not using right now to prevent them from drying out. Also, use a bit of water to seal the edges of your dumpling to prevent your delicious fillings from leaking out.

Some delicious fillings include ground pork, scallions and Asian seasonings for an authentic boiled wonton. Or try diced vegetables and a few crumbles of tofu. Just because these products are intended for Asian dishes, doesn’t mean you couldn’

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