Whole Silky Head/Feet On Chicken

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Getting heads to turn and jaws to drop for a roasted chicken isn’t the easiest thing to do. Despite its beauty and wonderful aroma, it is a standard recipe, and many people still may harbor remnants of ‘just chicken’ syndrome. However, the jet black flesh of this Silky chicken will change people’s opinions about how they view a roasted bird.

This bird is delivered to you with only the bare minimum of butchering done ahead of time. This gives you complete control and creative license over the fabrication and presentation of the bird. Inside the dark and mysterious skin of your Silky Chicken, the flesh is bursting with natural juices and fresh flavors. This bird is perfect to roast whole, or to be broken down into pieces.

If you are looking for a wine pairing, don’t feel obligated by tradition to choose a white. Times are changing and you can enjoy a nice light glass of red wine with your poultry. 

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