Whole IQF Peeled Chestnuts

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Whole peeled chestnuts get you all of the delicious texture and flavor without any of the hard work and seasonal restrictions. Chestnuts make wonderful additions to soups, salads, muffins, rice dishes and cheese platters.

Chestnuts can be hard to find in some areas, and they are definitely not without some seasonal restrictions. Even if you can get your hands on them, they are hard to peel and break down. Our chestnuts are already peeled for you, available whenever you need them. We also make sure to leave them whole so they maintain their nutty moisture and don’t dry out.

Chestnuts are an under celebrated nut, just because you can roast them on an open fire, doesn’t mean you have to. They make a wonderful addition to any salad or muffin mix. They are especially good chipped up and added to rice or risotto dishes. Recipes for soups and stews that use chestnuts as the main flavoring are very popular and a delicious departure from the root vegetable soups you usually think of in the fall. Chestnuts are a popular addition to many gluten free dishes because of their strong flavor and meaty texture. 

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