Whole Cardamom Seeds

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Whole cardamom seeds ready to be ground or grated into all of your favorite dishes. The aroma is unparalleled and flavor can be described as a blend of sweet and spicy, perfect for use in savory dishes or desserts.

As with any ingredient, it is most beneficial to the quality and flavor of your dishes, to use as many whole spices as possible. Our whole cardamom seeds are of the highest quality and impart a strong aroma and a flavor that has both sweet and savory notes.

Cardamom seeds can be used in a variety of dishes and compliment most proteins. Use them in dry rubs for your beef chicken or fish dishes. Cardamom is delicious blended with other spices to make gingerbread or spice cakes. A sprinkling in your next sauce or soup will add a lot of unexpected depth of flavor that your guests will notice right away.

A super sneaky way to get some delicious cardamom flavor into your day is to sprinkle or grate a bit of fresh cardamom into your dry coffee grinds before you run the machine. Even a blander roast coffee will be transformed. Notes of smoke and spice and sw

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