Whole Blanched Almonds

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These whole blanched almonds are the perfect ingredient for any cook who liked to have complete control over all of their preparations. From this point, feel free to toast, roast, sugar or salt your almonds. 

For the cook of chef who likes to have full control of the preparation of their dishes, as well as their ingredients, whole blanched almonds are perfect. We have only taken care of the most basic and monotonous preparation of the nuts, removing them from their shell and blanching them to help them maintain their color and moisture. From this point, you can be free to use them in any number of ways. Slice them, chop them or halve them; candy them or salt them.

Almonds are an especially versatile nut, with countless uses in savory and sweet preparations. They make a great addition to any salad, either candied, salted or just simply toasted. Almonds are a great secret weapon in any once plain flour base. Chop them up super fine and add them to pie crusts, tart shells, or even the flour you were going to use to dredge your chicken or fish in. 

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