2 Ft Chocolate Santa Centerpiece

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Nothing sums up the Holiday spirit quite like jolly old Saint Nick.  Santa Claus has become the embodiment of the spirit of giving that we all become wrapped up in this time of year. These statuettes make a wonderful gift for any family. Children will meet this jolly faced hero with wide eyes and happy squeals and adults will delight in the rich flavor and texture of the chocolate inside, superior to what you would expect from other similar trinket chocolates. 
This Saint Nick is beautifully detailed with all the trimmings you would expect, belt, beard, and boots. This figure is colored only with natural chocolate colors, giving it a classic look that will never get old. Whether you find a home for him at the center of your holiday dining table, or let him mingle with the other packages strewn beneath your tree, he’ll fit in just fine. Although it may break your heart to inevitably break this guy open on Christmas morning, whatever struggle you have to overcome, you’ll know it was all worth it when you take your first bite.  

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