White Peach Fruit Puree

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White peaches are a strictly summer fruit with a very short window of quality and availability. This puree lets their striking flavor aroma and color be available to you any time of year.

White peaches are the slightly different, much more special sibling of the traditional peach. The white flesh is firmer, the bouquet is most aromatic and the flesh is a little sweeter. To get your hands on these beauties during the summer is an accomplishment in itself, during any other season finding specimens of high quality is nearly impossible. This frozen white peach puree only uses white peaches that have been allowed to ripen to their peak in flavor and juiciness.

This puree is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Use it to make peach jams and jellies for an unexpected spread that would go nicely with buttered toast or a sophisticated cheese platter. If you enjoy making sorbets and frozen desserts like popsicles, this puree couldn‘t make your hobby any easier. Try adding a few spoonfuls to a marinade or salad dressing that is lacking sweetness and needs a little pick me up.

Also, be sure to keep a container behind you bar for making a Bellini so good your guests will suspect black magic. 

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