Whipped Cream Stabilizer

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Whipped cream stabilizer is a simple additive that can be sprinkled into any batch of whipped cream and guarantees to keep it fresh and creamy for longer. Never be afraid to frost a cake with simple whipped cream again.

Whipped cream is possibly the most delicious and versatile culinary concoction around. Leave it plain and simple, sweeten it, flavor it with powders and extracts or even infuse the cream with herbs and tea before you whip it for an unexplainable fresh flavor with no visible cause. The only down side to whipped cream is that those luscious soft peaks are usually short lived, especially on a warm day or in a hot kitchen. Fear of a deflated cream can often paralyze us, as stop us from using whipped cream as often as we would like it. When you think about frosting a cake with whipped cream the first thing you think of is the soggy texture of the cake as the frosting begins seeping into it. 

But restaurants can do it? You buy bakery cakes frosted with whipped cream all the time and they always stay perfect. Their secret? whipped cream stabilizer.

This magical additive brings no flavor or ill effects with it, but keeps you whipped cream looking fresh and creamy for hours longer than you could ever hope for without it. In most cases and in the right conditions, you’ll be able to get a whole ad

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