Wattle Seed

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Wattle Seeds are the fruit of the Wattle bush. These have been ground down for easy use. They taste of chicory and coffee and can be used to flavor ice cream bases, frostings, breads and pastas.

Wattle Seeds are the fruit of the Wattle bush, grown primarily in Australia.  These seeds have been ground down, and are ready to use in a variety of ways. Anything you add them too will take on their nutty, chicory, coffee like flavor. Use them to flavor the cream you’ll be using for an ice cream or rich frostings. Wattle seeds can also be added to home made jams and preserves for an interesting flavor that compliments apples and berries.

Commercial manufacturers use wattle seeds to create a beverage similar to coffee, so experiment by steeping your wattle seeds into a tea like brew, and then using it in cocktails or other delicious concoctions.

The flavor can be used in savory foods as well, so use your wattle seeds to flavor sauces; once the seeds are ground down they can be added to flour and used to create delicious breads and pastas. 

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