Unfiltered Ponzu Japanese Citrus Sauce

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Ponzu is a Japanese sauce made from mirin, rice vinegar, seaweed and katsobushi flakes, which are flakes of dried fermented tuna. These ingredients are simmered together and then combined with the juice of local citrus fruits, usually yuzu, Sudachi or lemon. In some cases the Ponzu is strained to remove sediment but this variety has remained unfiltered for deeper flavor and more authenticity. Ponzu has a tart flavor, a light yellow color and a watery consistency.

Traditionally, Ponzu is used in marinades and dipping sauces for fish, meat or poultry.  Add Ponzu to a salad dressing instead of a traditional citrus ingredient for a more interesting flavor. A few drops over steamed or sautéed vegetables will add depth and complexity to a once simple dish.

By combining Ponzu with simple Soy sauce, you create another classic Japanese dressing called Ponzu shoyu. This sauce is an especially great dipping sauce as it now has a better rounded flavor profile, salty, sour and sweet. 

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