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Not all of us in Urban American are able to experience the thrill of the hunt; we are most frequently limited by our location, our aim, and perhaps a strong distaste for killing things ourselves. Luckily, if you are limited to pre-packaged game by one or all of these conditions, House of Smoke has put together a vicarious hunter???s package, Ultimate Elk edition that brings out the hunter in all of us. This assortment is comprised of several pieces, all taken from a different part of the Elk that have been prepared in a variety of ways. The one pound Elk Roast has been smoked and sliced, ready to grace the center of your table and enjoy. The two pound Elk shoulder roast is ready to cook in your own oven, waiting to fill your home with its delicious aromas. Along with these larger pieces, a variety of smaller portions are also included for enjoying anytime. There is a pound each of Elk Bratwurst and Elk breakfast links, bother of which have been smoked. In addition, there are two six ounce Elk tenderloins, two eight ounce Sirloin steaks, two Elk rib eye steaks, and three Elk meat patties. There is a pound of very versatile elk stew meat, for which the uses are endless and of course, three ounces of Elk jerky, because if you are breaking down a whole animal, you always have to make jerky.

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