Turkish Sundried Tomatoes

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Dry packed sundried tomatoes are the same classic flavorful ingredient without all of the extra oil. Rehydrate them in hot water or add them directly to hot liquid dishes.

Dry packed sundried tomatoes are an interesting alternative to the tradition oil packed variety. They are versatile and easy to use; no flavor is lost in the drying process, as when you think about it, they were dried to begin with.

If a recipe calls for sundried tomatoes in oil, your dried tomatoes rehydrate easily in a bit of hot water. To mimic the oily texture, drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil and use them how ever you like. For making sauces, soups and stock, you may want the flavor of sundried tomatoes, but not the extra oil skim at the top of the pot. Drop a few of these in, either whole or chopped, and after a few minutes, they will begin to break down naturally and steep in the hot liquids. If you added the whole tomatoes, fish out any large pieces that are left, for a flavor infusion with no evidence left behind. 

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