1/2 LB Chocolate Ballotine Box

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When you are looking for a superior product, the best way to find it is to recognize those who seek out superior ingredients. These Belgium chocolate bonbons, created by the world renowned Varda Chocolatier have been made from nothing but the best.

The chocolatiers at Varda use all natural ingredients in their chocolates and their products are one hundred percent free of preservatives. Second only to the chocolate itself, the most important component of these truffles is skill. The bonbons are made according to the finest European traditions by men and women whose dedication and ability have elevated them to the level of artist.

There is nothing easier for a true chef to recognize then talent; that’s why these chocolates are so commonly used by other gifted professionals in the food industry. To bring a taste of luxury into your home, you couldn’t go wrong with the unsurpassable flavor, texture and classical presentation of these chocolates. 

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