Tartufo Nero Gnocchi Pasta

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Restaurant quality pasta that you can serve in your own home. These petite potato pasta dumplings are filled with speckles of Black winter truffle. They go well with a variety of sauces.

Making your own pasta from scratch is time consuming and not always feasible. When you are looking for a restaurant quality dish that you can prepare easily in your own home, our homemade Tartufo Nero Gnocchi pasta is for you.

To break down each word of the dish, tartufo Nero is black winter truffles, and gnocchi are small potato based dumpling like pasta forms.

In summation, these small pillows of soft potato pasta are scattered with specks of earthy and aromatic black winter truffles.

This dish is perfect for any special occasion and delivers lots of fresh and earthy flavors and textures in each bite. Serve them with a simple cream sauce or boil them, and then add them to a sauté pan with a bit of butter, olive oil and parmesan

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