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Molecular Gastronomy can be a daunting topic for even the most well versed and experienced chef. Luckily for all of the curious do-it-yourselfers out there, Molecule-R has created a line of products and tools that make all of the most wonderful properties of Kitchen Chemistry completely available to you in your own kitchen. Tapioca Malto-dextrin is an integral ingredient in kitchen chemistry with many different uses. It has been specially engineered to offer a lot of density with minimal bulk. It is completely water soluble and can be dissolved into any liquid. Tapioca Malto-Dextrin, derived from Tapioca, is frequently used to increase the volume of dry goods and as a dispersant agent for dry ingredients. When Tapioca Malto-dextrin is mixed with fatty ingredients, it causes the fats to stabilize to the point where they can be transformed into powders. This particular preparation is sure to confuse and delight your friends at your next meal.

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