Torta La Serena

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La Serena is a sharp sheep’s milk cheese made in southwestern Spain. The process that goes into making a wheel of this cheese is interesting, and is dependant on nature to some degree. Over the course of the sixty days that these wheels of cheese need to ripen for, they are wrapped in a belt to help them keep their shape. As the cold and rainy weather comes into Spain in both the winter and the spring, the cheese becomes deformed and the rinds crack open. These cracks are what help the paste develop its ultra soft consistency.

The taste of Torta La Serena is slightly salty and can be described as bitter at times. If you would like to serve this cheese as part of a part platter, let the wheel come to room temperature, you’ll feel the melted texture of the cheese by poking the rind gently. Once it’s softened, slice the top of the rind off and serve it with crusty bread and fruits to be spread with or even dipped directly into the cheese. 

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