Tete Di Moine

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Tete de Moine literally translates from Swiss into ‘monk’s head’. It’s no surprise then that this is a monastery –style cheese, made in the traditional old fashioned manor. Despite it’s similarity to other Swiss cheeses, the Swiss government puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that this is an artisanal, not made in a factory. Tete de Moine is considered to be ‘a masterpiece among all Swiss cheese’.

For a true cheese enthusiast, Tete do Moine would be served in small wheels, fashioned with the help of a griolle. A griolle is a traditional tool that easily shaves thin layers off the top of this wheel of cheese.

When you purchase your Tete de Moine you will notice a darkening under the rind, this is not a tell tail sign of poor quality, but simply the unique aging process of the cheese, as it ages from the outside in.

The aroma of Tete de Moine is distinctive and is a combination of nutty earth and musty wine, and will quickly fill your room. The flavor is bold and nutty with hints of sweetness in every bite. If you are looking for a wine pairing, try a full bodied red

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