Strawberry Fruit Puree

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Strawberries are a delicate summer fruit with limited availability in some regions and during off season. Our frozen strawberry puree lets you cook with the fruity sweetness of strawberries any time.

Strawberries are a delicate summer fruit that spoil quickly, sometimes before you can even get them home from the grocery store. They have sweet and fruity flavors that most people would put on everything if they had the chance. With frozen strawberry puree you can be closer to your dream of strawberry flavored everything then ever before. Our strawberry puree is made from vine ripened strawberries that are picked as they hit their peak of flavor and juiciness.

Use this puree is sorbets and mousses. Reduce it down in a saucepan with some sugar and make your own strawberry sauce for ice cream sundaes or homemade short cake. A spoonful of strawberry puree in a salad dressing will give your dish a burst of sweetness and a ton of great berry flavor.

If you like making your own frozen drinks, frozen strawberry puree will be your secret weapon in the war against watered down icy beverages. 

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