St. Marcellin

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St. Marcellin is a cow’s milk soft ripened cheese from the Rhone-Alpes region of France. St. Marcellin is delicious as a fresh cheese but after it is aged for one month, it takes on a whole new complexity of flavor and texture. This is a soft cheese that will only grow softer as it ages. With two or three weeks after production, the white rind will have transitions from pale blue to yellow, and the creamy paste will have become almost to the point of runny.

This cheese is considered to be a rind less with only a soft golden crust holding the gooey delicious paste inside. The center of this cheese is nutty and fruity, and like the texture, these flavors also become more intense with age.

St. Marcellin makes a wonderful addition to any cheese board and pairs nicely with any red win. Try a spicy Syrah for a lovely contrast. 

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