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Squid ink is technically cuddle fish ink, and gives a beautiful and striking black color to any dish you add it to. It also has a buttery and savory flavor that works well in pasta dishes, both the dough and sauce.

Cooking with squid ink is growing in popularity. The most common way that most of us see it used is in the dried, jet black pasta that most specialty stores feature. When you buy squid ink by the jar, you may be dismayed to notice in the fine print states that the contents of your jar are actually cuttlefish ink. But don’t be concerned, the flavor of actual squid ink is very off putting, and the flavor of cuddle fish is buttery and much milder. For this reason, the majority of ink on the market is actually from cuddle fish.

The unique and striking color that squid ink imparts on your dishes isn’t the only thing that ink has to offer. The unique savory flavor is classified as one of the few sources of unami, the sixth flavor, which has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.

Using squid in pasta dishes in a very popular choice, use it to color the pasta dough, or make a devilishly jet black sauce. 

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