Spring Roll Wrappers Rice Paper

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Thinly rolled rice paper wrappers are a great staple to keep in your kitchen. Soak them in a bit of cool water until they soften and then fill them with any combo of delicious ingredients, sweet or savory.

Rice flour spring roll wrappers are made from a combination of rice flour, water and salt. The dough is rolled out paper thin and is most commonly used as a vessel, to wrap a variety of ingredients in. Spring roll wrappers are versatile ingredients and can be used in both sweet and savory preparations. They are a wonderful alternative to thicken wheat flour wrappings.

Before you begin to cook with rice paper it must be softened first, so soak your sheets in a bowl of cool water, then you are ready to wrap up your fillings. Try fresh vegetables and prep cooked strips of meat for an authentic appetizer, or go for pulled pork if you’re feeling more out of the ordinary. Fruits and sweet fillings can also be wonderful in this blank canvas of a wrapper. Strawberries and mascarpone or Nutella are a great combo, just be sure you get good seal on your spring roll, especially when using softer runny ingredients. 

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