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Saffron is the thin red stigma of the Crocus flower, also call saffron threads. Saffron is very aromatic and flavorful and works well in countless dishes; curries, rice, soup, chicken and fish dishes.

Saffron is a tiny component of the crocus flower, known by botanists as the stigma. To cooks and chefs around the world they are known as magical. Their intense aroma and flavorful essence is predetermined as part of their biological make up. These stigmas are hand picked and dried and then packaged up for your enjoyment.

Spanish Saffron has uses in countless recipes and is not restricted to Spanish cuisine, although the flavor of saffron is distinctively Latin.

The flavor of Saffron threads compliment chicken, fish and shellfish. They go well in rice and risotto dishes. They are even versatile enough to be used in baking; one recipe in particular calls for saffron and lemon in bread. Saffron does well in curry a When your guests see the small thin Saffron threads mingling in with their food, they will be sure that they are about to enjoy a very special meal. 

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