Sap Sago Cone

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Sap Sago is a skimmed milk cheese from Switzerland with so much flavor you would never know it was low-fat. It is a hard cheese, used mostly for grating but brings a lot to any dish it touches. The interesting flavor comes from the blue fenugreek that is added for several reasons; health benefits, characteristic aroma and flavor, as well as a beautiful and distinctive green color.

Grate Sap Sago Cone cheese, also sometimes referred to as Swiss Schabziger, over pizzas, pasta and noodle dishes, boiled or baked potatoes, soups and salads. If you are feeling brave, try grating Sao Sago over a fresh fruit pie for an herbaceous flavor that won’t soon be forgotten.

If you are looking for an interesting way to incorporate Sap Sago into your next cheese platter, try blending equal parts softened butter with grated cheese as a delicious and traditional spread for breads and crackers. 

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