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Robiolo-bosina is a hand made cheese made from a combination of pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milks from the Piedmont region of Italy. The flat rectangular slab of creamy goodness is a balanced combination of the best attributes of both cow and sheep’s milk cheese. Despite the short ageing time of about fifteen days, this cheese has had enough time to develop a silky smooth texture, more characteristic of an older cheese.

The flavor is full of milky goodness with hints of mushroom, salt and sweetness.  As this cheese reaches room temperature, it becomes as soft as butter. The silky cream within the thin rind can actually melt out and run across the plate, so take care to segregate it if you’re including it in a cheese platter, and serve with a cheese spreader. 

Pair this cheesy delight with crusty bread and other firmer cheeses for a nice contrast. A flute full of Prosecco is the best beverage pairing for this unctuous and creamy Robiolo-bosina. 

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