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These snail shells are chosen for their large size and perfect appearance. Use them to repackage your escargot for a flawless presentation.

If you enjoy cooking with snails, these cleaned Escargot snails will come in handy for over and over again. Once you are done cooking your tender little snails in a butter and garlic, you’ve probably found that forcing the snail plus a healthy serving of that delicious butter sauce back into it’s shell is nearly impossible. To make your job easier and to make your guests happier, these large snail shells have been hand selected for their perfect appearance and their capacity. These larger shells can easily hold a few spoonfuls of sauce as well as a juicy little nugget of snail meat.

These shells can be re used for as long as you take care of them. Hand wash them in very hot and soapy water. Before to remove all of the juice from the inner spiral and allow them to air dry completely before storing them. Never bleach them, or use harsh cleaners and these shells will continue to make you and your guests happy for many years to come. 

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