P'tit Basque

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P’tit Basque if a French sheep’s milk cheese of enormous popularity. Over 400,000 pounds of P’tit Basque are exported out of France each year. What really makes this surprising is that it’s a fairly new cheese, only created in 1997; its speedy accent to fame is the best assurance of its quality.

If you do not think you are a sheep’s milk lover, than P’tit Basque is worth a try anyway. It’s mellow flavor and buttery texture is less ‘gamey’ then older sheep’s milk cheeses can often be described as. If you are entertaining a crowd that may be a bit shy, or dare I say sheepish, around sheep’s milk cheese, this sweet and brown buttery selection will get them off to a gentle start. 

Include black cherry preserves with your cheese platter as a classic French salty and sweet combination.  Enjoy your P’tit Basque with a glass of Tempranillo in hand

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