Pont l'Eveque

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Pont l’Eveque is a barely pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Normandy France which dates back to the thirteenth century under its original title, d’Andelot. The milk that goes into Pont l’Eveque is rich and salty and is said to truly embody the taste of the Norman country side. The paste of this cheese is a creamy yellow and is encased in a slightly darker rind. Although this cheese is pungent in aroma, its flavor is mild and enjoyable.

This cheese is wonderful enjoyed in its natural form as part of a cheese platter. First allow it to come to room temperature and pair it with dried figs, crusty bread and hazelnuts. Fill your glass with a Pinot Noire or a Saint Emillion and enjoy the wonderful fruity flavors.

If you are interested in cooking with Pont l’Eveque, it melts exceptionally well and is a good addition to any potato dish. 

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