Saba Balsamico Vinegar

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Everything about Saba Balsamico Vinegar exudes luxury, from its elegant bottle, topped off with a white cork which signifies that it possesses nothing but the highest level of Consorzio grading, to its unexpected but luxurious viscosity, comparable to that of maple syrup. Once you open this bottle, the wonderfully aromatic liquid gold inside will fill you with new culinary aspirations as you think of all the wonderful ways you can incorporate it into your next meal. The Vinegar is bursting with the scents of sun dried plums, dried herbs, notes of gentle sweetness, and of course the gentle tang of acidity that you would expect.     A drizzle of this thick and luscious concoction over a steak, pork chop, or a beautiful platter of sautéed vegetables will elevate your already wonderful dish to new heights. If you are looking for a more surprising usage, and you enjoy an occasional departure from super sweet desserts, then a drizzle over a slice of decadent fruit pie, or perhaps a scoop of rich ice cream would be absolutely sinful. 

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