Rosemary Honey

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Rosemary honey is made by simmering honey with fresh sprigs of rosemary. The woodsy and sweet combination of flavors, along with the thick and stick textures make this ingredient perfect on a salad or cheese platter.

Rosemary Honey is an interesting ingredient that covers two completely different areas of flavor, sweet and savory, in one fowl swoop. The honey is simmered with sprigs of fresh rosemary, and as the herbs heat through, they release their essential oils and aromas, imparting a woodsy and earthy flavor into the sweet sticky honey.

Rosemary Honey is an all around versatile ingredient; it adds a lot of depth of flavor to a salad dressing or dense pound cake. It’s delicious drizzled over a bowl of ice cream or even used to sweeten tea.

One of the most popular uses for flavored honey is as a part of a cheese platter. The woodsy aroma and flavor from the rosemary and the heavenly sweet honey make an excellent pairing for tangy blue cheeses and mellow dessert cheeses. For an extra special

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