Red Yuzu Kosho

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Red Yuzo Kosho is a Japanese condiment made from a combination of yuzo fruit zest, red chile peppers and salt. Its flavor can be spicy and salty with pungent and fruity notes.

Yuzu Kosho is a Japanese condiment made from the zest of the Yuzo fruit. Yuzos are small pale orange citrus fruits, used in a variety of Asian cuisines. To make Yuzo Kosho, the zest is mixed with red chile peppers and salt. The resulting flavor is tangy, with a lot of heat and pungency, and contradictory bitter and salty flavors.

A small jar can usually be found as a table condiment in many Japanese restaurants. When you spoon a bit out and prepare to spread it all over your meal, you’ll notice the texture resembles that of a very finely diced chutney, or fruit salsa. The aroma is powerful and fruity with hints of spice.

The small sizes of the Yuzu jars you find it in are indicative of the small amount you are recommended to use. However, you’ll be likely to get carried away by the wonderful flavors and the endless possibilities of vehicles for this fruity and spicy

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