Red Tobikko Caviar

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This Red Tobikko caviar is harvested from the flying fish. It makes a wonderful condiment for sushi and sashimi. The small pearls are a beautiful natural red color and their flavor is mild and smoky.

The images that the word caviar invokes are luxurious, sumptuous with all concepts of what you want versus what you need disappearing as you are only left with what you enjoy. This caviar is harvested from flying fish, and goes by the name Red Tobikko. It has a vibrant red color and smoky sweet flavor. The pearls are very small and can have a crunchy mouth feel.  

Caviar is a versatile ingredient and a little goes a long way. A small spoonful of pearls a top an elegant canapé will give infuse your dish with a salty sense of opulence that is truly intoxicating. This deep black roe is primarily used as a garnish or condiment for sushi. It’s perfect for giving your sushi loving guests a little something extra delicious on top of their homemade spicy tuna roll. The sweet flavors of this caviar compliment almost any kind of fish, so you can even use this to garnish your fresh sashimi on any special occasion. 

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