Red Cerignola Olives

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Red Cerignola olives are unusually large Italian olives, recognizable for their bright red hue and meaty texture. They are an excellent snacking olive and make a wonderful addition to a Mediterranean cheese platter.

Red Cerignola Olives are large Italian olives native to the Mediterranean coast. They have a fruity and mild texture with a clean finish. Their most impressive and recognizable characteristics are their red color and their larger than average size. Their large size makes them an especially enjoyable snacking olive, as they are the meatiest olive you could get your hands on. They make a lovely simple appetizer to serve with cocktails.

The Cerignola red olive’s mild flavor has won it a reputation as a beginner olive, perfect for serving to friends who aren’t yet a huge fan of their briney fruity goodness.

If you are putting together a cheese tray, try pairing red cerginolas with Italian cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano, mozzarella and a mild Asiago. Accompany the spreads with some cured Genoa salami. For a wine pairing, a Bardolino is an ideal compliment fo

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