Raspberry Fruit Puree

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Raspberries are a tart summer berry. There availability is frequently limited by season and region. This puree makes getting the fresh flavor of raspberries into your dishes easy any time of year.

Raspberries are delicate fruits that bring back memories of summer with each bite. Depending on the season of your area, their quality and quantity is often limited. To ensure that you’re getting the best flavor and the best price all year round, frozen puree is your best bet.

Raspberry puree is extremely versatile and can be used in sweet and savory preparations. A few spoonfuls in a salad dressing or marinade adds a sweet and acidic flavor that brings the whole dish together. Jelly and jam makers will enjoy having this ready to use base in their freezer whenever the canning mood strikes them. Try leaving out some of the oil in a dense cake mix and swapping in this fruit puree for a lower calorie option and more depth in flavor and sweetness.

If you enjoy making frozen cocktails and drinks, this fruit puree will be your secret weapon against a water concoction. 

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