Portuguese Linguica Sausage

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Portuguese Linguica Sausugases are a classic dish of Portugal. The sausage is made from pork heavily spiced with paprika, chilies and garlic. Once they are stuffed, the links are smoked, pit barbeque style over crackling hickory logs.

Countless wonderful and authentically Portuguese preparations exist for this sausage. Linguica can be used as a stand in for chorizo in paella or any other dish for that matter. The textures and flavors are similar, but not identical, so it will make for a pleasant change.  Try caramelized onions and linguica loaded into soft rolls for a lunch that won’t soon be forgotten. If you are putting together a spicy cheese board full of Latin flair and flavor, you can not forget to include Linguica.

Several recipes for Linguica call for red wine to be incorporated right into the ground meat mixture, so pairing your Linguica sandwich or meal with a glass of your favorite spicy red is a good move. 

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