Portuguese Blood Sausage

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The idea of blood sausage is a turn off to some people, although it shouldn’t be. We eat the blood of the animals when we bite into a juicy steak but it rarely bothers us in that scenario.

Blood sausages are made by filling casings with blood, in this case pork blood, and fillers, usually chunks of meat from the same animal or chopped vegetables and spices. The blood congeals which keeps the sausage together and encase the bits of chewy meat in a soft paste that melts in your mouth. Chouric Mouro, or Portuguese Blood Sausage are filled and then smoked, pit barbeque style over a bed of crackling hickory logs.

Blood sausages are very low maintenance and are at their best when they are fried up, until a bit crispy on the outside and sandwiched between two soft halves of a role and topped with sautéed peppers and onions. 

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