Pork Caul Fat

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Caul fat is a layer of fat, taken from the pig’s intestinal track. It is thin and lacey and melts away as it cooks. Use it to bind loose meats or rustic sausage patties together.

Caul fat is the thin membrane of lacey fat that surrounds the intestinal tracts of pigs, sheep and cows. For culinary purposes, pork Caul fat is most commonly used for its flavor.

Caul fat is most commonly used for a technique known as barding. In barding, your meat dishes are wrapped in a thin layer of flavor and moisture imparting fat while it cooks. The melting fat bastes the roast with flavor and juices while it cooks. A Caul fat wrapping is the more refined cousin of wrapping your roast meats in bacon strips.

Caul fat can also be used as a binding and is commonly used as a natural casing for rustic sausage patties. Most evidence of the Caul fat cooks away but not before it does its job and holds your meat together long enough for it to set up.

Caul fat imparts a great pork fat flavor into your dish with out leaving to much evidence behind. 

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