Pop Corn Shoots

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Shoots are one of the first stages of a seedling’s growth; they consist of only a stem, thin roots and a few small leaves and possibly a flower bud. These Pop Corn shoots feature pink and white stems that give way to a small plume of paper thin yellow leaves. Pop Corn can not be replaced by or used to replace regular corn. The two react differently under heat, obviously, and have a slightly different flavor. 

These shoots are sweet with mildly corny flavor that works well along side most other ingredients. Try adding a few handfuls of your Pop Corn shoots to green leafy salads for lots of texture and some unexpected flavors. These crispy shoots are the perfect textural accent for a stir fry or big plate of sautéed vegetables. Add them at the last minute or sprinkle them on top before serving, this way they will warm through without wilting.  

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