Pomegranate Fruit Puree

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Easily accessible pomegranate puree is made from fresh ripened fruits. The puree locks in all the flavor and nutritional values that eating the fruit in its natural form would give. Perfect for use in sweet or savory dishes.

Pomegranates are a warm weather fruit and are not always available in every season or region. Even if you can get your hands on a few fresh Pomegranates, they are a difficult fruit to wrestle with; not always giving a yield that seems worth the effort. Your best bet is occasionally to buy pomegranate juice of flavoring for the easiest and most delicious experience. While those choices are good, our frozen pomegranate puree is better. Fruit purees have a richer and fresher texture and ours is made with few additional ingredients, ripe pomegranates being the most important. This product is frozen and won’t go bad like fresh fruit, so it will be yours to use at whatever time you deem fit. Purees are excellent for making sorbets, ice creams, sauces, candies and much more. A spoonful of pomegranate puree would be an excellent addition to a salad dressing or fruity marinade. 

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