Pitted Picholine Olives

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Picholine Olives are a medium sized breed of green olives. They get their green color because they are picked from the vine before they are fully ripe, and immediately submerged in a salty brine. Green olives are meatier and thicker, with hints of bitterness, characteristic of under ripe fruits. Although the Picholine Olive was originally a product of France, today they are grown across the world, where ever conditions permit growth in order to keep up with demand.

These particular olives have had their pits removed to make them easier to use and eat.  These Picholine Olives are the classic Martini olives, stuffed with a bit of red pepper; they make an iconic addition to any well stocked bar.

Picholine olives are also the source of olive oil. They make an excellent addition a cheese platter as they are incredibly flavorful and meaty, but for an even more relevant reason to eat them, an olive oil tasting would be the perfect occasion to break into a jar. 

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