Extra Large Sidewalk Signs

Extra Large Sidewalk Signs
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Extra-large sidewalk sign attracts shoppers with 18 sq. ft. of double-sided message area! Installs anywhere in minutes with over 300 quick-change characters for sales, specials or announcements. Perfect for larger facilities or locations farther from the street. Two 29 x 45 sign faces allow different messages, or the same message to inbound & outbound traffic. Includes 289 5 characters (black letters, red numbers), 24 10 numbers with red % and
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Next Deluxe Business Checks and Forms Item - Quick Load Sidewalk Signs - Roll this sidewalk sign wherever traffic or visibility is greatest! Two-sided messages can be created or changed in minutes, then neatly transported via recessed wheels. It's versatile, portable, durable, affordable & easy to use! Big 29 x 42 message area maximizes visibility, yet fits through any doorway thanks to compact 24 depth. Exclusive Grip-Tip-Roll Design - recessed 2.5 diameter wheels offer unmatched portability without lifting or carrying. Attractive curved design adds

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