Deluxe Swinger Replacement Letters

Deluxe Swinger Replacement Letters
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Sidewalk Signs


These high-visibility replacement letters make it easy to spell out details on message boards & swinger sidewalk signs, maximizing customer interest & store traffic! Compatible with Deluxe Swinger Sign (#6363D). 314 4 characters (letters/numbers) in black, 22 8 numbers, plus SALE & SPECIAL headers. Ships in 5 days.
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Next Deluxe Business Checks and Forms Item - Deluxe Swinger Sidewalk Message Board Sign Black - Get more traffic into your store! A unique Swinger Sign on the sidewalk out front will get noticed before anything else. Includes 314 black and red 4 high characters, 22 jumbo 8 red numbers, plus 9 red Sale and Special headers. Rustproof plastic polymer with internal steel supports that resist wind and rain.

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