Bitcoins And Other Crypto Currencies Are Here To Stay

Is Your Business Bitcoin Friendly

But getting you into this new, exciting and wildly profitable area of marketing may have seemed like a real challenge for you. That is unless you get a solid and easy to understand blueprint for successfully integrating your new or existing business into this golden ground floor profit opportunity.

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Bitcoin Training

1. Introduction

2. A Word About Bitcoin and Stripe

3. Set Up with Bitpay

4. Marketplaces

5. Set Up with Your Cloud-Based Network

6. Creating a Product

7. Adding Your Autoresponder

8. Adding Your Coupons and Upsells

9. Adding Your Affiliate Program

10. Set Up Alternative Cloud-Based Network

11. Set Up Bitcoin in the 2nd Cloud-Based Network

12. Add A Product in the 2nd Network

13. Add A Pay Button for the 2nd Network

14. Add Your Button to the Page In the 2nd Network

15. Affiliate Marketing for the 2nd Network

16. Coupons for the 2nd Network

17. E-Mail Marketing for the 2nd Network

18. Blacklisting Buyers in the 2nd Network

19. Bitcoin on WordPress

20. Conclusion

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